Mike and Aziza
Mike and Aziza

A few days ago I came a cross a reality show called “90 Day Fiance“. This show is about foreign women that come to the US on K-1 Fiance Visa to meet their future husbands. During these 90 days that the visa allows them to stay in the country legally girls either have to get married or go back to their home country.

One couple was of a particular interest to me since it drew a lot of negative feedback from viewers. The couple’s manes are Mike and Aziza. The viewers of the show accuse Aziza in using Mike to get the green-card in order to secure her life in the States. And frankly, the show seems to purposely facilitate such a reaction. But is everything so black-and-white as one could gather? Are all so-called ‘mail order brides’ turn out to be gold-diggers and green-card huntresses? And how to prevent them from coming into your life?

First thing that strikes me about Aziza is almost a complete absence of Russian accent when she speaks English. There can be only two explanations to that;

1. She was an extremely gifted student of English and is able to mimic American accent without having lived the for a while.
2. She has been living in the US for quite sometime before she met Mike and the whole TV thing is a set-up. Which one is more likely to be true? As a person with MA in English Philology I am inclines to say – 2.

But let’s imagine Mike and Aziza’s story is an absolute truth and there is nothing scripted about it.

People that don’t want to be used, most likely will not be used. When you approach such a delicate issue as finding future wife, you cannot make decisions with your heart only and expect a happy ending. You have to turn on your brain!

Mike states: “My relationship with Aziza has mostly been video-chatting…

It is not a rocket science that one cannot determine whether the girl he is communicating with is dedicated to their relationship or only interested in a green-card, if their communication was solely done via Skype and other substitutes to real-life meeting.


1. Before jumping into K-1 Fiance Visa craziness, have a meeting in a third country. Choose the country where you both do not need a visa to enter it (just to avoid unnecessary paper work): Egypt, Brazil, Israel, Montenegro, Thailand, Turkey, Hong Kong. I selected these particular countries because they can be quite a romantic place for a meet-up.

2. See each other at least three times before applying for K-1. Even if each visit is only one week long, it is enough to understand if the person you are entering the relationship with is hones and sincere.

3. If your Russian girlfriend does not have sufficient funds to go a third country in order to meet with you, travel to Russia yourself to see her. In the end it is somewhat easier for you to get a Russian tourist visa than for her to get any kind of a US visa.

Long story short, even if Aziza is exploiting Mike for a chance to immigrate to America, Mike himself is a not very smart person. He should have thought everything through carefully before proposing to her while knowing so little about who she really was.

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