katya romanova Russian wifeMy name is Katya Romanova. I am originally from a small Russian town with the population of 800,000 people. I have an MA in Romance-Germanic philology which allowed me to fluently speak and write in English.
For several years now I have been married to a US citizen who once came to Russia in search of love. Having gone through difficulties of communication and understanding but still maintaining a tender feeling of love, I decided to share my experience with those who are looking for Russian wives/girlfriends and those who are looking for foreign husbands/boyfriends.

My blogs, podcast and upcoming book are dedicated to different issues emerging in the relationships with Russian women. As a Russian woman I have a lot to explain and uncover about our enigmatic souls. I believe my experience will help people to avoid possible language difficulties, traveling dangers, dating websites scams, and mistakes in relationships.

Do not hesitate to contact me with questions and share you personal experience with Russian women or foreign men. I will alway be happy to answer your questions and listen to your suggestions.

You can easily contact me by e-mail and Facebook.

info@russiansnowangel [dot] com