The other day I tried to attract more visitors to my website and boost the rankings by advertising my website on Craigslist. What I wrote was “Are you currently dating a Russian woman or would like to in the future? Do you want to know more about Russian women? Or maybe you want to prepare yourself for a special date with a Russian woman? Read the blog. They will answer all your questions”. The immediate reply that I got made me somewhat uncomfortable. “Are you pedaling gold-diggers?” This reminded me of my original goal for starting this dating blog.


I grew up among Russians and I know many sides of Russian women that foreigners don’t see or don’t have the opportunity to see. Most foreigners, when they hear about women from Russia, have a strong association with mail order brides or Russian dating scams. Unfortunately it exists. I don’t deny that. Nevertheless, there are many great things to uncover about Russian women once you have swept away all of the junk of dating websites. A trip to Russia may be the best way not only to meet beautiful Russian women but also to get acquainted with Russian culture and customs. As an example, I have never used services of dating websites. Moreover, I never even planned to marry an American citizen. It came naturally. I was not chasing luxury Western life nor was I anxious to speak English language 24/7. Thus, no one can accuse me of being a gold digger.


In my blogs I write often about traveling to Russia. I try to provide useful traveling details for those who agree with me on the fact that the best Russian women are those who do not forcibly make their way to the West (or other richer countries). They are unnoticed by foreign men because there are shy and embarrassed to expose themselves on some dating websites. One of my friends, when I asked her what she thought about posting her profile on a dating website, replied that long-distance relationship in many cases fail; moreover “who knows what kind of person is looking at my profile.” In other words, for many serious Russian women dating websites is not a serious way to meet men. What I am trying to say is that not all dating websites are scams. It is more likely to meet scammers on these sites.


I also realize that traveling to Russia may be very challenging. Everything depends on the man’s goal. If the goal is to meet Russian women with the desire to find a soul-mate then book a ticket and good luck. But if you are only interested in looking through the pictures of naked Russian women and surfing free Russian dating websites then do not be surprised if you catch a gold-digger on you tail.

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