Beautiful Russian WomenAccording to my experience with American men and women, they care very much about the way they look. But this is not based on health considerations or esthetics. Rather it is triggered by bad experiences in dating, where the person they dated was very judgmental towards their appearance. Well, I can assure at least American men that it is unlikely to happen if you date Russian women. Russian women have a long history of suffering from Russian men’s spoiled tastes. What I mean is this: according to some statistics there are cities where the ratio is as bad as 3 women for 1 man. ┬áSo imagine how picky these men become especially with the rise of foreign TV programs. Now they demand no less than Kim Kardashian or Kate Moss. But wait! Do you think all Russian men look like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp? Nothing of the kind! Many of them completely forgot what a gym or personal hygiene is. Nevertheless, they continue to instill inferiority complexes in their women about the way they look. Maybe this is the reason why so many women in Russia dress too glaringly. If they dress modestly nobody will ever notice them.

The other day I had a chance to watch a well-known Russian TV program called “Fashion Verdict” (Modniy Prigovor). Everything there supposed to remind a real courtroom, with the exception of people that were charged not with criminal or civil offences, but with bad taste in clothing. Sometimes the plaintiff was a mother, sometimes a sister but this time it was a husband. I would not want to be on the place of this poor wife who was supposed to be a defendant. Her husband was complaining to the entire country that his wife dared to gain weight after the birth of a child and that she does not wear mini skirts any more; only jeans. When I looked at his wife-defendant I found her to be very beautiful. She looked like a real Russian beauty; long blond hair, blue eyes, straight teeth, not fat not skinny, so to say everything was as it should be. I imagined that with her was a man who looked at least like Schwarzenegger, since he complained so much. I was wrong! At a closer look at her husband I understood how terrible the situation of this girl was. He was very skinny, had inexpressive features, blank look, and black socks worn under the light-colored pants. In other words, it was not clear for me who should be the defendant on this mockery of a trial.

To conclude, I simply want to say to foreign men who are far from looking like Brad Pitt:

“Don’t be afraid to date Russian women! Because no one more than them are able to accept a man the way he is.”