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Beautiful Russian Women And Overly Demanding Russian Men

According to my experience with American men and women, they care very much about the way they look. But this is not based on health considerations or esthetics. Rather it is triggered by bad experiences in dating, where the person they dated was very judgmental towards their appearance. Well, I can assure at least American men that it is unlikely to happen if you date Russian women. Russian women have a long history of suffering from Russian men's spoiled tastes. What I mean is this: according to some statistics there are cities where the ratio is as bad as 3…
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Two Ways To Find Your Russian Woman. The Choice Is Yours!

Searching for the Russian woman can become quite an adventure. There are two common ways of looking for them: dating websites and direct trip to Russia (or countries of the former Soviet Union). Both ways are equally interesting and useful, however, the choice you will have to make by yourself due to the drastic differences that lie in these two ways. Dating websites provide you with a choice of women that are ready and willing to start a new relationship and thus, they will most likely not reject you after the first email (if you don't offer anything inappropriate of…
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Why Do Men All Over The World Love Russian Women?

Why dating Russian women if there are millions of others around the world? But if you think seriously and ask around a great amount of men from different parts of the world will tell you that Russian women are the most beautiful ones? You judge! But it is worth checking it out. The main thing about Russian women that makes them so popular among men is that they see man as the head of the family. He is a decision maker, almost some sort of a king. The king of their family. And according to Russian women, if this king…
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