You are probably brainstorming about which restaurant to choose when you go out with your Russian lady? Trying to impress her and don’t want to fail? Calm down a little. There are no specific laws in choosing the restaurant that will help you to score some points. But there are a few tips that might prompt you the direction. If you still don’t have a tutor then ask your new Russian acquaintances where is a good place to have a romantic dinner. Especially if you are in a small Russian town you cannot rely on the Internet to find you a good restaurant.

For the first couple of dates choose a restaurant that is in a busy area. Your Russian woman has to feel that you are not trying to bring her to a shady and dangerous place. The restaurant itself does not have to be overcrowded. Also let it be not too intimate. Your focus on the first date is to understand from the conversations whether the girl you found is really for you. However, if you choose a too intimate place it might shift you attention from her personality to her sexuality, which is also important but not on a first date. If it is not a blind date, then you have already found her attractive; thus, give her a chance to show you her personality.

In terms of food, it is not advisable on the first date to go to some very exotic restaurants as Thai, Indian, or Chinese. Try to choose something in between – Italian, Japanese (a lot of Russia women love sushi), or restaurants with mixed cuisine. Of course if your Russian lady told you specifically that she liked Thai food then you do not have to wait to invite her there. Therefore, it is very important to discuss the preferences of you both before you make up your mind about the place.