russian dating websitesOnline dating safety is becoming as important as safe sex. Scams on Russian dating websites are as multiple as stars on the sky. For a lot of Internet daters, especially beginners, the main questions are still:

1. Which dating websites can we trust?
2. And how to avoid internet scams on dating sites?

As I explained in my previous blogs I have never used internet dating services myself. Thus, in order to give you honest and reliable answers had to:


a. conduct my own online dating research;
b. to interview my husband, who had experience with dating websites and knows which are safe to use.

However, I am not going to talk about fake Russian dating websites and scams in this particular blog. I would like to talk about one website that you can trust and why I think you can trust it.

If you are looking for a Russian beauty, Elena’s Models dating website could be the way to go. My husband met his first wife using Elena’s Models services. He went though every step of the way from signing up to arranging the meeting with this Russian girl. Although, EM does not guarantee successful relationship (as you can gather), the fact that he got what he expected is an evidence of legitimacy.

But let’s start with a blot on the landscape.

– Elena’s Models website looks a bit too simple and outdated.
– Prices for their services are quite high.
– Annoying is the fact that you have to pay more if you want to see more pictures of girls.

Still, what makes it legitimate and safe to use?

1. Simplicity of use.
As a busy woman, I don’t want to waste my time figuring out how to find important things on a certain dating site. Everything needs to be straightforward and to the point. When you access EM everything is in front of you. When you click on various pages it does not redirect you to some shady websites that have nothing to do with dating Russian women. What you click is what you get.

2. Real Looking Girls
One of the tricks that dating websites scammers use is photoshoping the pictures of their girls (if the girls even exist). Certainly, photo-shop may improve the way a girl looks, but think of how disappointed you will be when you meet her in person and realize that she is way different in real life. On EM website photos of girls are clean but realistic. Perhaps they are a bit amature looking, sometimes I even think “C’mon girls, don’t you have a better picture, not in front of Russian typical wall rugs?” But at least you know how the person you are communicating with looks.

3. Testimonials
It is important to know that there is a living community built by a certain dating website. This shows you that there were people before you that used the services and are quite happy. On EM some of the customers are compelled to share their successful love stories with the world. You can find the whole page dedicated to it.

Please note: I have placed advertisements from EM on my website. I do receive a commission from them if you click on the ad and use their services. However, you will not, at this time, see any other ads from any other agencies on my website. This is because I do not endorse them as reliable sites. I know people that have used Elena’s models, both men and women. Therefore, on the whole, I can confidently say they are trustworthy.

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