do's and don'ts of Russian dating websitesSince I personally have never used the online dating website, I had to conduct my own investigation to find out the following details:

1. How do dating websites work?

2. How were they able to make money on providing such services?

3. How to distinguish between a real dating website and a scam?

I have interviewed several men and women that used this type of services and know how this system works inside out. Furthermore, I tried to figure it out on my own by signing up to a few of such websites as a Russian woman looking for a foreign man and as an American man looking for a relationship with Russian woman. I will break this blog into three blogs, so it is easier for you to read. It is always more pleasant to read shorter but to-the-point blogs rather than long ones.  Each blog will include one of the questions above.

So, how do these websites operate? Let us start with the very first step – signing up. In many cases to sign up for a Russian dating website is easy and does not require much work. Usually the registration is free of charge. And it gives you the opportunity to surf the profiles of girls to figure out whether some of them meet your criteria. However, some websites make it difficult to sign up. For example, when I tried to register on it sent me to a completely different URL’. The website I found myself on looked completely different and had a completely different name. It seemed odd to me since I knew that good dating websites are generally customer friendly and transparent. Tip: try to stay away from a website if you feel that it is not easy to use. Moreover, make sure you know the exact name of the website you are signing up for, so if they start sending you e-mails you know where they come from.

After successful registration all the profiles of girls become available for you. Choose which ever you like. It is important to remember that things written on their profile are not always reliable. Many of men that I interviewed complained that the level of English that girls wrote on their profiles did not correspond to the truth. Others pointed at the age and that some of the girls looked older than the age on the profile. I would certainly disagree on that, because life for Russian women is sometimes tougher than the life of western women, so they age faster.

As soon as you purchased the services you wanted (the subject of packages and payments will be more thoroughly discussed in the next blog), you can start looking for Russian ladies to whom you would be interest to write. Sometimes ladies have pre-written introductory letters so do not expect them to disclose their entire life story in the first letter. Always read the testimonials on the website you chose for dating Russian woman. You want make sure they have a high success rate in meeting the expectation of their clients.


Continuation of my little research on Do’s and Don’ts of Russian dating website is in my upcoming book. Don’t miss out!