Q: Can you give me some details of what a Russian woman expects in a husband. 

A: In that respect, Russian women are similar to other women. Most of them are looking for a financially stable man who at the same time lets them be independent. Furthermore, being tired of Russian chauvinism, Russian women are looking for equality in the relationships. They also would like to have a caring and considerate man who would support and cheer them up in the time of need.


Q: What is the percentage of Russian women speaking English? And how good is their English?

A: It is difficult to say what the official statistics is. Living among Russians all my life I can see that this percentage is very small. Certainly, there are more people speaking English in such cities as Moscow and Saint Petersburg due to higher standards of education. However, in the provinces the percentage of Russian people speaking English is lower by far. Also if you use dating sites, you will be able to see the level of their English on their profiles. I would not rely on it 100%, but it can give you some insights.


Q: I met a Russian woman on the Internet. She lives in Novosibirsk. However, she does not have a computer and uses an Internet Cafe. She has been asking me to send her money to help her pay for this.  Does this sound okay? I am planning on meeting her in Moscow later this year. She also has asked for money for her trip to Moscow.   Thanks for your advice.

A: Money is a very delicate issue. For a lot of Russian women to ask for money would be embarrassing, especially to ask from a person she has never seen before. A lot of my friends had to borrow money from their parents or friends in order to go (i.e. Moscow) to meet a foreign guy with whom they had correspondence on the Internet. Thus, if she asks for money she may be a scammer. To check it you can suggest to her to borrow the money from her friends or her parents and promise the reimbursement as soon as you meet her. If she agrees to do that then she really badly needs money. If she rejects the offer then you come across the scammer.


Q: I have been writing a woman from Kazan for some time now. Lately, she has mentioned that she wants to travel to the US to meet. Our discussions have been very deep and we have spoken about marriage. She has told me she has obtained a tourist visa and will travel to the US, as soon as possible. She has asked me to send about $1500 to pay for her trip. I told her I would arrange her travel plans with the airlines and have a ticket waiting for her at the airport in Moscow. She says that her mother will not let her go to Moscow without having a ticket in her hands and asked that I send the money directly to her by Western Union. I have read about scammers and I do not want to just lose $1500. Also, when I asked her where she obtained her visa she told me she obtained it at her embassy. I thought US Visa was issued through the US Embassy. Can you advise me on this?

A: Well, for starters, there is more than one thing suspicious about this situation.  A girl getting ready for marriage probably should not be letting her mother make such important decisions.  Sending money is never a good idea.  Tourists visas are very difficult to get unless the person has very strong ties to Russia (property, marriage, well-paid job). If she does not have any of the above, it is likely she will not get the visa due to a possibility of staying illegally in the US.