The difference in the way you and your Russian girl think, speak, and understand will play a crucial role your relationship. And unfortunately for mixed couples to go through the difficulties of understanding is inevitable. Those people that say they speak on the language of love are simply on the early stage of their relationship. Nonetheless, there are a few tips that you can follow in order to make this challenging period easier. This misunderstanding between you and her will never go away completely. However, with the course of time you will learn each other’s habits and will be able to interpret each other’s actions in the right way.

During this entire period of exploring and getting to know each other it is of a great importance to always ask questions. Don’t make assumptions! Instead ask her what she meant by saying certain things. Ask her whether your understanding of what she said is right. Because sometimes the way we sound is not the way she feel. And your goal is to find out what she feels, for only this truly matters. It matters because you cannot rely on her intonation and word choice. English (or any other foreign language) is not her mother tongue – remember it!

The same applies to you. If you see that she does not completely understand what you are telling her and it leads to the escalation in your relationship, just cool down. Try and rephrase your thoughts by using a more primitive and simple language. Do not blame her for not understanding you. Maybe she would have, if you both did not have to overcome a huge cultural and linguistic distance that lies between two of you.

Before judging each other for things you both did not mean to do or say, always give each other a benefit of a doubt. And the best way to overcome the distance between you two is to always talk, ask questions, and stay calm.