ask Russian girl out in RussianThe beauty of asking a Russian girl out is that you do not need to brainstorm too hard to come up with some kind of a pick up line. They like straightforward and sincere me. Therefore, let me give you a few simple and straightforward phrases in Russian that you can use in order to invite her on a date.


If you want to have a dinner with her, the most polite and romantic way of offering it would be “pozvolte priglasit vas na oojin“. In the first word letter “l” and in the second word letter “t” are pronounced softly. Read “oo” as you would read it in English. The phrase literarily translates as “allow me to invite you for a dinner”. However, if you decided to invite her to a movie theater you can simply change the last part of the same phrase “pozvolte priglasit vas v kino“. Both these phrases are quite a formal way of asking women out. But don’t be worried that it won’t work. As soon as she hears your accent and sees how hard you are trying to invite her on a date that you had to learn some of Russian words, she will gladly accept your offer.


Also, if you need something more general, without specifying where to go, you can say “ne khotite lee vy poyti so mnoy na svidanie“. It basically means “would you like to go with me on a date”. Don’t forget that “e” in the end of Russian words is pronounced always. Furthermore, pronounce “ee” the way you do it in English. Another phrase you may use is “davayte vstretimsya eschyo raz” in case you got acquainted with her on some event, but you would like to see her again with just the two of you. This phrase translates as “let us meet again”. Depending on the situation you may change the same phrase around. Thus, if you want to offer “let us meet tonight” (meaning in the evening) say “davayte vstretimsya sevodnya vecherom“. Or say “davayte vstretimsya zavtra vecherom” in case you want to meet with her tomorrow evening.


Note that I used pronoun “vy” (and its versions in different cases) for each phrase. It is a more polite form of “you”, so you will have more chances to get a positive reply on your offer. And since Russian men forgot how to express their thoughts and desires politely, you will hardly have any competition.

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