Every man should carefully think about his courtship of a woman. It is well-known that the exact same approach to every woman will not work. Especially, you have to consider the cultural differences with regard to dating Russian women. For a lot of foreigners to win the heart of Russian women won’t be a difficult task. These women are craving a considerate, charming and caring man, but they cannot find him around. So show them that beyond Russian borders there are men they need.

It would be nice to start with a little bouquet of flowers sent to her office or any other place of work. It will arouse a little bit of jealousy from her co-workers, but believe me every woman enjoys this jealousy (if it does not lead directly to a war between the people in the working place). Important thing to keep in mind for a successful date is not to be too creative. Going out with you Russian lady to some strange places like forests, nightclubs, or football matches perhaps is not the best idea. All those things that usually flatter women are long ago known and actively practiced. I am talking about cafes, restaurants, galleries, bowling, and movie theaters. Though such places as nightclubs and football stadiums are good to visit too when you know each other a bit longer then first three dates.

A cozy and quiet restaurant will be a perfect choice for the first date. Certainly, you can walk through the forest on a first day, but it should not be the main program of that date, if you see what I mean. The second meeting could start a little earlier in the day, for example 12 o’clock in the afternoon. A little picnic together in the city park could be a good idea. You can demonstrate your skills in cooking and choosing the right drinks and snacks. Don’t worry it will be highly appreciated. And finally, for the third date you can choose something that will make you closer to each other, for example, ice-skating, horse riding, and swimming with dolphins. It depends on what is available for you at that moment in that particular city/town. But do not discuss your plans with you lady, if you want to surprise her. This can be discussed with you tutor whom you can hire to help you to get around in Russia. You can ask him or her to find out the prices for certain places, working days, hours, and so on.

Well, good luck! And remember to stay romantic, honest, and sincere.