In Russia we have an interesting saying “Women love with their ears”. I find it to be a truthful statement and cannot imagine a day without tender words from my husband. However, what I suggest you can do is to surprise your Russian lady by telling her some of the love phrases in Russian. Actually, sometimes it can work as an aphrodisiac on Russian women. For example, when my husband pronounces “ya tebya lyublyu detka“, which means, “I love you baby” with the thick American accent I feel a huge desire to kiss and cuddle him. But if you don’t have a Russian girlfriend yet it is never too late to start learning these phrases by heart in order to surprise her on a first date. And I, in turn, will try my best to reconstruct the pronunciation of Russian phrases with Latin letters as accurate as possible.

So let’s start with the phrases that would be the most appropriate when you meet your woman in order to go on a date – greetings. Greetings you choose may attract women or turn them off forever. Thus, if you say them in Russian there is more chance to establish a positive connection with the woman. This will help you to get over your shyness and will make you look prepared for the date. You are basically making the first step to her and showing her that you are serious in your intentions to find a woman of your dreams.

Depending on time of the day you can say, “Dobriy den“, which means “Good day” or “Good afternoon”. Try to pronouns n in the word “den” very softly. Or if you meet your Russian woman in the evening you may say “Dobriy vecher“. And of course, if you spent a night together, say “Dobroe ootro, solntze“. Literarily it means “Good morning, Sun”, but in proper English it can be understood as “Good morning, Sweetheart”.

As you know it is important for all women to know that you like what they wear and the way they look. By saying “Vy velikolepno viglyadete“, “Vy izoomitelno vyglyadete” or “Vy viglyadete ochen khorosho” you will make an impression of a mindful gentleman. Opposite to English when you see e in the end of Russian words, you pronounce it. These phrases can be translated as: You look wonderful; you look amazing; you look great. Since there are two versions of you in Russian, formal and more casual, depending on the level of familiarity you may choose to say “Vy” or “Ty“. “Vy” is simply a more polite pronoun.

Also it won’t be inappropriate to make a comment about her beauty. Therefore, tell her “Vy/Ty ochen kraseevaya“, which means, “You are very beautiful”. Or if you find her eyes to be very impressive, do not hesitate to say, “U vas/tebya krasivye glaza!U in this phrase you must pronouns as “oo” in English. Choose “vas” or “tebya” depending on the level of your relationships. These are the same “ty/vy” just in a different case. Well, if you are close enough to tell her “you are my beauty” then saying “Ty moya krasavitza” will score you a couple of points.

Certainly, it is impossible to include all of the nice words in Russian in one blog. So, why don’t you go ahead and think what you want to tell your girlfriend in Russian. Send it to me on or leave a comment and I will gladly translate it for you for no charge at all.

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