You probably have already thought about this difficult and nervous procedure of a marriage proposal to a Russian woman. Let me try to make it easier for you. Precisely in this situation, you should consider traditions and customs of your future wife. I am by no means saying that you should discredit your own. Best of all is to create some kind of mixture of customs that would please both sides.

Also a lot of things depend on the age of your fiancée. The younger she is the more romantic it should be. A Russian girl of the age 25 that was not married before would highly appreciate if you go to her parents and ask her father (or mother in case of absence of first) for permission to marry her. If this step seems strange and unnecessary for you try to understand that it might be very important to your fiancée. A lot of women dream to go through this old romantic procure. And by disregarding her desires you will most likely make an impression of an inconsiderate man.

On the other hand, a woman of the age 35-40 would not focus on these details. She was probably married before and knows that not all romantic gestures would necessarily lead to a perfect marriage. This woman would need stability both in finances and family relationships. Therefore, the best way to propose to such a woman is a restaurant dinner without pomposity but with a pretty golden ring. It would be useful if during this dinner you could discuss your perspectives and plans as a family. This will make an impression on her that you are a reasonable and responsible person who is not interested in playing love, but who seeks a lifetime companion.