Russian XenophobiaAs a person who never used dating websites and met her husband with no help of the Internet, I was always a ‘pro-real meeting’ and used to put dating websites to doubt (despite the fact that many of them are successful at what they do). It’s just that a part of me always thought that it was hard to feel if a person is right for you through the screens and wires of the web.

Recent events made me look at Russian dating websites and meeting women via the net differently.

Many friends of mine are well aware that my husband is American and that most of the time I reside overseas. Until a few days ago I thought most of them were open-minded and friendly people. Not unlit the Olympics; especially those events where USA and Russia were competing against each other.

Russian social networks were overloaded with gossip and offensive statements against the US. Most of them had nothing to do with reality, just good old fueling of Cold War sentiments. Unfortunately some of my friends did not bother checking the truth behind those statements and reposted them in support. And since these were primarily female fiends, it made me rethink all this ‘pro-real meeting’ thing.

I tried to think logically…

If a Russian girl signs up for a dating website, which primary goal is to find a man abroad, she is already open to people of a different origin and culture. Thus, racism and xenophobia can be avoided more so than if a foreign man comes to Russia in search of a woman without prior use of a Russian dating website.

When you open profiles of girls on Elena’s Models dating website, you can see what racial or ethnic preferences those girls have. There are a lot of girls for whom your origin does not matter whatsoever. Whether you are American, French or Turkish; Black, White or Asian, getting to know Russian girls on dating websites can help you avoid close-minded and hateful people before you come face to face with them.

Take a look at the profiles of these girls. Pay attention to the section called “looking for a partner” especially race.

1. Anna
2. Natalia
3. Almagul

And there are many more girls like that. Just keep looking!!!

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