Russian Sample Letter 1One of the services that Russian dating websites offer is translation of your emails into Russian, so those women that don’t speak any English also had a chance to find a foreign ‘prince’. Even though a lot of girls that are listed on Russian dating websites do speak English, if you fall in love with the woman that does not you are going to pay premium.

To avoid these spendings at least in the beginning, I decided to write a Sample letter in Russian. It is basic but enough to make Russian girl notice you. It is polite and quite formal. This letter is a great ice-breaker.

All you need is copy and paste it anywhere you want. Then fill in the gaps – your name, her name, your age, hometown or a place you currently reside; and voila – it is ready to be sent you the girl of your dreams. For cyrillic you can always go to Google Translate. You also can reuse this sample letter in case a particular girl did not turn out to be a ‘keeper’.


Здравствуйте дорогая (1)_________ !

Меня зовут (2)__________ и мне (3)_________ лет. Я живу в (4)__________ .

Уже на протяжении долгого времени я ищу спутницу жизни, и недавно я наткнулся на веб сайт (5)____________, где увидел вашу фотографию. Я наслышан о красоте, доброте, отзывчивости русский женщин. Вы на фотографии выглядите изумительно, и мне так же понравилось то, что вы написали о себе на вашей персональный страничке. Поэтому я и решил вам написать.

Мне очень интересно узнать о вас поближе, если конечно я произвел на вас то же впечатление, что и вы на меня. Расскажите о себе побольше; о ваших интересах и увлечениях, о вашем городе и друзьях. Мне все интересно! И конечно, если вы решите ответить на мое письмо, не стесняйтесь и спрашивайте все, что вас интересует обо мне.

С нетерпением жду вашего ответа!


1 – Her name;
2 – Your name;
3 – Your age;
4 – Your hometown or current residence;
5 – Russian dating website.

And here is the translation of the Sample Letter so you know that you are not sending anything offensive. Check it on Google Translate if you don’t believe me.

Hello dear (1) _________!

Mine name is (2) _________ and I am (3) _______ years old. I am from (4) _________.

For a long time now I have been searching for a woman I could share my life with. Recently I stumbled upon a Russian dating website (5)_________ where I saw your photograph. I heard a lot about Russian women and their beauty, kindness and compassion. You look great on the picture and your short biography intrigues me. These are the reasons why I decided to contact you.

I am very interested to learn more about you, certainly if you don’t mind. Tell me more about yourself; your hobbies and passions, your hometown and friends. And if I aroused enough interest in you, please don’t hesitate to ask me anything and bout myself and my life.

Looking forward to your response!

Great News! If you want a more personalized letter where you can fully express your feelings, don’t hesitate to contact me by email katya.romanova@yahoo[dot]com. I will gladly listen to your suggestions and write a letter exactly as you want it to be.

Good Luck!

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