You probably noticed that sometimes the things your Russian girlfriend says or does don’t make any sense. It may look like something between obscurantism and silliness. But let me tell you that it simply could be some Russian tradition or a Russian way of doing things. Don’t ridicule them, especially in front of your Russian girlfriend. And don’t necessarily try to understand them either. If you respect your Russian lady enough it won’t be a big deal for you to respect her background, no matter  how weird it may seem. Just as your traditions and mentality need to be respected by her.

Here are some of those odd traditions that may be shocking for you. In some families it is accepted to slightly spit on one’s eye if there is a pinkeye, adding to it three sets of schelbans (fillips), each set consists of nine schelbans. Of course none of it will harm you because it is done in the air, close to your eye and not actually on you eye. By the way, this procedure can be performed any time you have bumps on your face. So don’t freak out if your future mother-in-law decides to treat you with this quite an obscure remedy. Just let her do this, I am sure it is out of good intentions.

Another thing that will probably seem confusing for you is Russian obsession (especially women) with dream interpretation. Sometimes it makes or even spoils a day of Russian women. And she would probably spend a half of the day sharing with you her dream and emotions she had experienced during this dream. Russians in general are quite superstitious people, but it is the matter of culture and does not necessarily represent ignorance. Sometimes it can be annoying, but try to be understanding, just as she should be understanding of your pragmatism and prudence.

There is an uncountable amount of little things similar to those I have just described. For this reason, the best way to understand them is to ask. Always ask questions about everything that seems strange to you. There are a lot of nice people in Russia that will take pride in explaining to you everything in great details.