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Worried about your appearance? Think again.

Time to think about the way you look. Don't worry you do not have to try and loose weight, go to a plastic surgeon, or some other stuff that requires to change your nature. Nonetheless, there are some advice to present yourself to a Russian woman and avoid the same mistakes that Russian men make with regards to their appearance. I will be honest with you, Russian women like clean men. But to their big disappointment, Russian men are not always capable to find a golden middle between a paranoid cleanliness and neglect of self-appearance. Your goal is to find…
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Beautiful Russian Women And Overly Demanding Russian Men

According to my experience with American men and women, they care very much about the way they look. But this is not based on health considerations or esthetics. Rather it is triggered by bad experiences in dating, where the person they dated was very judgmental towards their appearance. Well, I can assure at least American men that it is unlikely to happen if you date Russian women. Russian women have a long history of suffering from Russian men's spoiled tastes. What I mean is this: according to some statistics there are cities where the ratio is as bad as 3…
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