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Russian Dating Websites vs. Real Life Meeting. Avoiding Russian Xenophobia.

As a person who never used dating websites and met her husband with no help of the Internet, I was always a 'pro-real meeting' and used to put dating websites to doubt (despite the fact that many of them are successful at what they do). It's just that a part of me always thought that it was hard to feel if a person is right for you through the screens and wires of the web. Recent events made me look at Russian dating websites and meeting women via the net differently. Many friends of mine are well aware that my…
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Elena’s Models And Online Dating Safety Tips

Online dating safety is becoming as important as safe sex. Scams on Russian dating websites are as multiple as stars on the sky. For a lot of Internet daters, especially beginners, the main questions are still: 1. Which dating websites can we trust? 2. And how to avoid internet scams on dating sites? As I explained in my previous blogs I have never used internet dating services myself. Thus, in order to give you honest and reliable answers had to:   a. conduct my own online dating research; b. to interview my husband, who had experience with dating websites and…
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