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The Language Of Love As The Greatest Deception In Bilingual Relationships

"We speak the language of love!" - do you recognize someone in a bilingual relationship who has said that? Or maybe it is yourself who used to mention that to your friends? As a person who has a particular interest in relationships where two partners speak different languages, I have heard this phrase too many times. And as a person who is myself in a bilingual marriage, I consider it one of the most dangerous deceptions. To communicate on a so-called 'language of love' is great for the first few months of your romance, where you can relax and let…
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How To Ask A Girl Out In Russian. Be Original.

The beauty of asking a Russian girl out is that you do not need to brainstorm too hard to come up with some kind of a pick up line. They like straightforward and sincere me. Therefore, let me give you a few simple and straightforward phrases in Russian that you can use in order to invite her on a date.   If you want to have a dinner with her, the most polite and romantic way of offering it would be "pozvolte priglasit vas na oojin". In the first word letter "l" and in the second word letter "t" are…
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Teaching English in Russia

A lot of people, especially Westerners, associate Russia as a backward, obscure and dangerous country. Certainly, in comparison with Europe, the US, and other Western countries Russia is still developing. Unfortunately, this fear becomes a major obstacle for people who are willing to travel and learn what it means to live in Russia. Let me help you to explore Russia without getting into much trouble. If you want to travel to Russia on your own it is better to start thinking it through long before the actual departure. And I am not talking only about calling a travel agency. You…
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