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Love Phrases In Russian. Or How To Impress Russian Woman?

In Russia we have an interesting saying "Women love with their ears". I find it to be a truthful statement and cannot imagine a day without tender words from my husband. However, what I suggest you can do is to surprise your Russian lady by telling her some of the love phrases in Russian. Actually, sometimes it can work as an aphrodisiac on Russian women. For example, when my husband pronounces "ya tebya lyublyu detka", which means, "I love you baby" with the thick American accent I feel a huge desire to kiss and cuddle him. But if you don't…
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Why Do Men All Over The World Love Russian Women?

Why dating Russian women if there are millions of others around the world? But if you think seriously and ask around a great amount of men from different parts of the world will tell you that Russian women are the most beautiful ones? You judge! But it is worth checking it out. The main thing about Russian women that makes them so popular among men is that they see man as the head of the family. He is a decision maker, almost some sort of a king. The king of their family. And according to Russian women, if this king…
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