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The Language Of Love As The Greatest Deception In Bilingual Relationships

"We speak the language of love!" - do you recognize someone in a bilingual relationship who has said that? Or maybe it is yourself who used to mention that to your friends? As a person who has a particular interest in relationships where two partners speak different languages, I have heard this phrase too many times. And as a person who is myself in a bilingual marriage, I consider it one of the most dangerous deceptions. To communicate on a so-called 'language of love' is great for the first few months of your romance, where you can relax and let…
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How To Get Married In Russia? List Of Documents You Need.

For some couples with foreign partner(USA, EU, Canada), to get married in Russia may be the only option. For couples like these who struggle to find full and reliable list of documents to do that I dedicate this blog post. There is no point in arguing about unbreakable Russian bureaucratic system. Unfortunately, you either try your best to obey it or choose another country to get married. But trying to change the system is as impossible as changing the spots on a leopard. So what are the documents you will need in case you decide to get married in Russia?…
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Marriage Proposal Tips: Does Age Matter?

You probably have already thought about this difficult and nervous procedure of a marriage proposal to a Russian woman. Let me try to make it easier for you. Precisely in this situation, you should consider traditions and customs of your future wife. I am by no means saying that you should discredit your own. Best of all is to create some kind of mixture of customs that would please both sides. Also a lot of things depend on the age of your fiancée. The younger she is the more romantic it should be. A Russian girl of the age 25…
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