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Sample Letter 2 Russian Dating Romance Continues

To give you a bit of a choice of sample letters to send to your Russian girlfriend, I decided to write one more. It works the same way as the previous one that I published a few days ago. All you need is to fill in the gaps and send it to a girl you picked on the dating website of your choice. Remember, it is just a Sample. If you need something more personalized don't hesitate to contact me on   Добрый день, дорогая (1)______________! Я та рад, что мне удалось раздобыть ваш e-mail. Как только я увидел вашу…
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Sample Letter In Russian To Send Your Russian Girl

One of the services that Russian dating websites offer is translation of your emails into Russian, so those women that don't speak any English also had a chance to find a foreign 'prince'. Even though a lot of girls that are listed on Russian dating websites do speak English, if you fall in love with the woman that does not you are going to pay premium. To avoid these spendings at least in the beginning, I decided to write a Sample letter in Russian. It is basic but enough to make Russian girl notice you. It is polite and quite…
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