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What Is Going On In Russia? Will It Affect Relationship With Your Russian Woman?

Ever since the Crimea crisis a lot of my listeners and readers asked me to comment on how this whole situation affects mixed couples especially those of Russian girls with American partners/boyfriends/husbands. The Crimea situation is certainly a difficult one, and as any International crisis it can put two loving people of a different origin against each other. I have witnessed broken friendships because of this conflict. It is unfortunate that due to an outpour of political propaganda people stopped looking at each other as individuals but rather see one another as states. I will be honest with you. It…
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“90 Day Fiance” Or How To Avoid Green-Card Huntresses

Mike and Aziza A few days ago I came a cross a reality show called "90 Day Fiance". This show is about foreign women that come to the US on K-1 Fiance Visa to meet their future husbands. During these 90 days that the visa allows them to stay in the country legally girls either have to get married or go back to their home country. One couple was of a particular interest to me since it drew a lot of negative feedback from viewers. The couple's manes are Mike and Aziza. The viewers of the show accuse Aziza in…
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