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“90 Day Fiance” Or How To Avoid Green-Card Huntresses

Mike and Aziza A few days ago I came a cross a reality show called "90 Day Fiance". This show is about foreign women that come to the US on K-1 Fiance Visa to meet their future husbands. During these 90 days that the visa allows them to stay in the country legally girls either have to get married or go back to their home country. One couple was of a particular interest to me since it drew a lot of negative feedback from viewers. The couple's manes are Mike and Aziza. The viewers of the show accuse Aziza in…
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How To Get To Russia? Tourist Visa Requirements.

The lack of information on the web concerning how to get to Russia is astonishing. Many websites simply do not provide trustworthy list of documents, moreover they know very little about the process of applying and receiving Russian visa. Based on information from official Russian sources, my own experience and the experience of my husband who is an American citizen, I will try to give you the information you can actually use with and trust. So here we As you know a lot of countries make it really hard for Russians to travel the world (for a good reason), Western…
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