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Elena’s Models And Online Dating Safety Tips

Online dating safety is becoming as important as safe sex. Scams on Russian dating websites are as multiple as stars on the sky. For a lot of Internet daters, especially beginners, the main questions are still: 1. Which dating websites can we trust? 2. And how to avoid internet scams on dating sites? As I explained in my previous blogs I have never used internet dating services myself. Thus, in order to give you honest and reliable answers had to:   a. conduct my own online dating research; b. to interview my husband, who had experience with dating websites and…
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The do’s and don’ts of Russian dating websites.

Since I personally have never used the online dating website, I had to conduct my own investigation to find out the following details: 1. How do dating websites work? 2. How were they able to make money on providing such services? 3. How to distinguish between a real dating website and a scam? I have interviewed several men and women that used this type of services and know how this system works inside out. Furthermore, I tried to figure it out on my own by signing up to a few of such websites as a Russian woman looking for a…
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Two Ways To Find Your Russian Woman. The Choice Is Yours!

Searching for the Russian woman can become quite an adventure. There are two common ways of looking for them: dating websites and direct trip to Russia (or countries of the former Soviet Union). Both ways are equally interesting and useful, however, the choice you will have to make by yourself due to the drastic differences that lie in these two ways. Dating websites provide you with a choice of women that are ready and willing to start a new relationship and thus, they will most likely not reject you after the first email (if you don't offer anything inappropriate of…
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