Time to think about the way you look. Don’t worry you do not have to try and loose weight, go to a plastic surgeon, or some other stuff that requires to change your nature. Nonetheless, there are some advice to present yourself to a Russian woman and avoid the same mistakes that Russian men make with regards to their appearance.

I will be honest with you, Russian women like clean men. But to their big disappointment, Russian men are not always capable to find a golden middle between a paranoid cleanliness and neglect of self-appearance. Your goal is to find this middle ground that Russian women want so much.

First, make sure all you clothes are washed and do not smell bad. Second, wherever you go with your lady keep you clothes ironed (with exception of those clothes that do not need to be ironed: jeans, socks, and underpants). Third, cut you nails everywhere (fingers and toes). You do not have to go to a beauty salon and pay a lot of money to have it done. However, to have a small pair of scissors with you would be always helpful. Fourth, make sure your hair is clean. Ladies don’t like greasy hair. Since a lot of women better sense the world via a touch, touching your greasy hair will make a bad impression on them. Fifth, take care of your breath. You don’t have to have perfectly white and straight rows of teeth, but keeping your breath fresh is necessary not only for a good kiss but also for a good conversation. You do not want to make her turn her head from you. Sixth, don’t let your body odors ruin you date. Thus, always chose a stronger body deodorant that will make you fresh and nice-smelling even if you are very nervous before the date.

These are some simple rules that will score a lot of points for you on a date. Russian women are looking for a clean, fresh, taking care of themselves men.