If you still don’t know what to give to your Russian woman as a gift, let’s brainstorm together. First of all you should take into consideration her age. Younger girls would not mind to receive soft toys from you; whereas, older ones would consider it inappropriate and expect something else. Every woman loves flowers. It is acknowledged as the most romantic gesture from a man. However, you should be very cautious in choosing flowers. Certainly, personal preferences of your Russian lady are something to start with. Then, you can add your own creativity by choosing a bouquet that would suit the color of her eyes, frequently worn clothes, or hair. Thus, a brunet would look very sexy with a bouquet of dark-red roses and blond girl would seem as an innocent angel with tender white lilies. Here you can really use your imagination, unless she specifically mentioned the flowers she does not like. Also remember about allergies. Make sure you will not kill her by bringing her a certain type of flowers. Furthermore, nowadays there are a lot of florists working right in the flower shops, so don’t hesitate and ask them which bouquet is the best for your Russian girl. It will make an impression of you as a considerate and caring man. And your Russian lady will always appreciate it.

What about chocolate? It is a good but risky idea. First of all, check if your lady is satisfies with her weight, and then move to choosing a sort of chocolate. A lot of women after thirty prefer dark bitter chocolate, but young ladies would not refuse to get a milk chocolate most likely with some tasty filling as hazelnuts, walnuts, or m&m’s. Nonetheless, it is never a bad thing to ask first what kind of chocolate she would like.

These are the most important gifts you can present to your Russian woman for the first few dates. Remember, the more you date the wider spectrum of gifts becomes.