"Russian angel"In case you decided to go straight to Russia in search of love it is important to consider the city you should travel to. Of course I am not going to tell you which city is good and which is bad, but I will try to point at pluses and minuses of them. Let’s break all the cities in Russia into three categories by population: about 5 million and above (Moscow, Saint Petersburg), over 1 million (Samara, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kazan, Volgograd) and less than 1 million (Khabarovsk, Togliatti, Ulyanovsk, Penza). Certainly, these are not all the cities of the Russian Federation; there are also plenty of towns and villages that have populations less 100,000 people. However, first we will talk about those three categories above.

Moscow and Saint Petersburg are certainly the biggest cities in the Russian Federation and there are a lot of things to see and visit. However, if you came from such places as Charleston, WV or Des Moines, IA these two metropolises may seem too overcrowded for you. Nevertheless, you will be able to search a lot of things about Moscow and Saint Petersburg on the internet, because this infrastructure is not only significantly developed in these cities, but also a lot of things could be found in English. Starting from finding a suitable restaurant for you and your Russian lady and finishing with ordering pizza. All of this can be done on the Internet.

Certainly, these two cities are very beautiful in terms of architecture and sights. However to live there for several months can be extremely costly. Sometimes for a thousand dollars a month you will be offered a non-furnished, old apartment in the middle of nowhere. Crime rate, accordingly to the size of these cities, is much higher than in the cities of second category.

Moscow and Saint Petersburg can offer a lot: places to walk, to dine, to dance, to drink, and to sleep. But the pace of life in these cities is often difficult to handle and people substantially differ from the people of other two categories. There are a lot of highly educated, stylish, and modern women; however, due to the pace of life there they might be not the friendliest ones.

The second category is a little less convenient to get around than the first one. There are a lot of things on the Internet about these cities, but most of it is in Russian. Thus, searching for the restaurants, pubs, and other things will be a bit difficult, unless you have a tutor that can help you with the translations and with your orders and reservations. So, consider finding a person that would help you with the language. However, these cities are more calm and peaceful, people are friendlier, and there is less crime. In such cities it will be harder to find people speaking good English than in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Third category of cities is rare to be visited by foreigners, unless there is a big factory that invites foreign professionals for their expertise. Such cities have fewer places to have a nice walk. As for the Internet, without somebody’s help you will hardly be able to find out about different things and places to visit in the city. Thus, dating Russian women can become a difficulty. Do not even dream about such luxury as ordering or making reservations online. (It can also be harder to find gifts for your Russian woman in those cities too!) Undoubtedly, the smaller the city the less things you can do there, but women are much better in the provinces than they are in the capital. They are less arrogant and rude. They are maybe not the most stylish or highly educated (just because there is not enough access), but they are certainly more family oriented.

In the end, it is your choice where to go in search of your Russian love. Do not be afraid to explore different places since to find a good woman in Russia is not a problem.