Searching for the Russian woman can become quite an adventure. There are two common ways of looking for them: dating websites and direct trip to Russia (or countries of the former Soviet Union). Both ways are equally interesting and useful, however, the choice you will have to make by yourself due to the drastic differences that lie in these two ways.

Dating websites provide you with a choice of women that are ready and willing to start a new relationship and thus, they will most likely not reject you after the first email (if you don’t offer anything inappropriate of course). But the drawbacks of any relationships online including with Russian women is a possibility to be misled and even lied to about different things. The person you are dating online might not be the one you picture to yourself. Other than that, with the help of online dating websites you will be supplied with different women to your taste and preferences from height and weight, to ethnicity and religion.

But if you value real relationships with the possibility to see a person you date face to face, then you have to go and visit Russia. You will be able to assess whether the woman you want to date or are dating is honest and sincere about herself and her intentions. However, the drawbacks also persist. You have to be extremely cautious in Russia. As you probably know, crime rate is not the lowest; therefore, you need to follow some simple but helpful instructions.

First and for most, it might not be as romantic as you picture it to yourself if you decide to walk under the moon in the night. Starting with 11 o’clock until 3 in the morning is the most dangerous time to walk around. For this reason, it is advisable either not to have such walks or to use the taxi (choose a well-known company).

Second, it is always better to have some king of a tutor, who will show you around, help you in the time of need, and teach you a little bit of Russian. My husband had a tutor; he could call her any time and she would always be helpful. He used to pay 200 rubles per hour (remember this data is 5 years old, so price might have grown). This way you will avoid people that would want to rip you off, shady places, and undesirable contacts with those who still live in the Cold War period.