Russian Women American MenWhen I asked several wealthy and upper-middle class men from USA, UK and South Africa why they go out of their way to find a wife in another country, namely Russia/Ukraine, they gave me this interesting response:

“Women in [my country] are overly demanding, spoilt and expect no less than a platinum diamond ring costing as much as some people’s yearly salary.”

What these men wanted instead is a humble wife and a caring mother. They longed for a woman that would appreciate little things in life and be a faithful companion for eternity. Evidently, the local supply of women could not satisfy their needs. It is an understandable explanation and I have nothing against that.

Things that happen after, those men find a pretty Russian/Ukrainian girl and bring her back to their motherland, is what caught my attention.

Those well-off men start heavily showering their new women with gifts, fancy trips and cruises, cars, and luxury houses. They give out their credit cards for these girls to buy anything their unspoiled souls want.

The result of these relationships is espacially fascinating.

Within a few months those innocent, humble women from third world countries (Russian/Ukraine) become spoilt, arrogant brats with a developed sense of entitlement and ego over the top. And as you remember, that’s exactly what made those wealthy Western men run from their local women in search of the better ones in the first place.

So why does this happen?

Here is my theory. You can agree or disagree…

1. Wrong location.
A lot of wealthy Western men romanticize simplicity they wish to see in women. In search of that simplicity, they go to unknown small towns and villages that hardly appear on the map. Most of the women from such places grew up in poverty and have never seen or experienced wealth. Thus, when exposed to it Russian/Ukrainian women don’t know what to do with it and how to control the overwhelming desire to buy all the things they had no opportunity to buy before.

2. Personality makeover.
Do you recall a famous play by George Bernard Shaw “Pygmalion”? Where a high-life professor trains a “bedraggled Cockney flower girl” to behave as a duchess in a high society? Something similar happens when wealthy Western men bring “bedraggled” women from the mentioned above locations back into their home countries. Those men suddenly notice a vast difference in behavior, manners, habits and language displayed by Russian/Ukrainian women. So what do these men do next? They try to change their freshly arrived brides into someone more habitual, someone more familiar to them. And guess what this is? – Exactly! They unconsciously change them into overly demanding and spoilt women from whom they were desperately trying to run away.

– Whether you are a man or a woman, never marry down!
– If you are a rich man, don’t think that a poor woman will somehow make you happy. The social gap between you both is too big to handle.
– If you are a daughter of a king, don’t think a simple lumberjack will make your life a fairy tale. He won’t, because his saw will always be louder than your voice.
– Stay in your own social class as there will be more familiar things to share and appreciate in life.