What do Russian women like about foreign/American menAfter a few years of keeping this blog I still get one repetitive question: “What do Russian women like about foreign/American men?” And since my response always breaks all known stereotypes about Russian women being ‘mail order brides’, I am ready to answer this question over and over again.

To be loud and clear I will give you a list of things Russian women like and get from foreign partners rather than from Russian men.

In my list I will be going from the least important to the most important.

1. Opportunity to see the world outside of Russia.
Unless you know what is going on inside of Russia don’t judge and accuse us in natural desire to have a better life.
Did you know that only in the beginning of 90th Russian women were for the first time introduced to women’s pads? Wanna know what they used before? Something tells me that not…
Did you know that despite the empty grocery stores in 80s Russian women had to figure out what to feed their children with?
And don’t even get me started on decaying medical care, job opportunities and education in Russia.
So think about it! When you are a young, skilled, energetic woman capable to work long hours to achieve a better future for herself and her children, why stay in the country that became a professional dead end for so many?

2. Financial stability.
I am speaking on behalf of decent, educated and reasonable Russian women, not gold-diggers. This is the reason I used the word ‘stability’ and not ‘wealth’. There is a very interesting thing about some Russian men. When you let them know you are not interested in guys with no life goals and no drive to achieve something great, they call you “mercantile whore that f**ks moneybags”. And when you accomplish something in life by yourself they, look at you as though asking “how many blow-jobs did you have to perform to get it?” I guess this way Russian men validate their laziness and inherent procrastination. Therefore, a lot of Russian women go elsewhere to find sophisticated men whose financial stability is a sign of maturity, presence of life goals and desire to be someone greater.

3. We just want to be treated fairly.
Forget about the word ‘romantic’. In Russia the notion of romance is following the destiny of dinosaurs. It’s dying out. What is it replaced with?
Unrealistic expectations like those where you have to be always slim, wear make up and ridiculously high heels. Hypocritical demands like those where you have to work 2 full-time jobs to feed your children, and then in the evening you have cooking and cleaning while your spouse is resting on the couch knowing no shame.
And of course the mentality of “Don’t teach me I know how to do it” when it comes to sexual pleasures. When confronted on some of these injustices Russian men tend to jokingly say: “Shut up, woman! Your days is 8th of March!”

I think all of the above points are quite a fair explanation of why so many Russian women search for a man outside of Russia. Fortunately or unfortunately Russia has lost its men to alcohol, sexism, chauvinism and laziness. And since demand does not correspond with supply in the home country it’s time to move beyond.

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