Best Gifts For Russian WomenHoliday season is over and it is time to reflect. Several times in my blogs I raised the issue of gifts. I explained what is advisable to buy and what is not. But today I would like to speak about gifts from a different perspective.

How gifts from men affect women and why? This blog will most likely not help you choose what to give your woman next time, but it will certainly explain what we think and excerpt from gifts.

Women tend to romanticize gifts from men.

About 8 years ago I was expected to get a birthday present from a guy I was dating with at that time. From the rumors of my friends I learned that it would be a ring. All day long I envisioned the way he would present this ring; what he would say, the way he would act. When my birthday has come I was anxious and excited. I could not wait. And here he comes carrying a plastic bag with the box in it. He took it out and the box turned out to be for an electric iron.

“That’s strange that he decided to give me an iron” – I thought. “But that’s alright. It is always useful in the household”. I was not that disappointed. I thought maybe something financially came up and he wasn’t able to buy me a ring as the rumors stated.

I opened the box and it did not have an electric iron in it. There were old bulbs of onion inside. He laughed and said to keep looking in the box. Somewhere on the bottom there was a little red jewelry box. Yes, it was a ring. And I frankly did not really care anymore. I felt pranked and made fun of. I would rather get nothing for my birthday whatsoever than a gift presented this way. I know his intentions were not to make me feel bad. He just had no clue that this kind of gift needs a certain intro and certain words followed after.

If you are not ready to commit or purpose. Do not even think about getting a ring to your Russian woman. And if you did decide to give her a ring, don’t make a mockery out of it as it was with onions in the iron box. Act in accordance with the gift you chose. Ring = romantic, lingerie = sexy, intimate, flowers = kind and thoughtful, chocolates = funny and cheerful.

Otherwise disappointment is inevitable!

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