I remember asking my classmates, 99% of whom were girls, what was their favorite food. And I was surprised how many of them replied sushi. At the time of asking I was not aware of how sushi tasted, since I was a frosh and could not quite afford a costly (for a student) trip to a sushi restaurant. But this industry grew and spread fast in Russia, bringing thousands of people to try raw fish wrapped in tasteless rice and algae, a ridiculous for Russians combination. However, the results were not at all bad. After trying a Japanese delight Russians were dedicated to come back over and over again. Sushi restaurants became an affordable luxury of the 21st century. Moreover, it became one of the best places to bring you date to. I heard the same phrase “Yesterday I went on a date to a sushi restaurant” from so many girls that it made curious. What is the reason that sushi bars and restaurants became such a great date solution for so many Russian girls?

I have been to a lot of sushi bars and restaurants in my hometown and in other cities as well to notice how well kept most of these places are. Not all of the food places so well maintained in Russia, believe me. Soft colors of the interior designs and cleanliness of the eating space definitely attract attention of younger people that are tired eating at home or in parking lot cafeterias. Moreover, in the wake of competition among higher-range restaurants their owners demand a lot from the working staff. Therefore, the service is generally on the Western level. I encountered very few if none rude behaviors from waiters, barmen, or managers. It is very pleasing especially since there is plenty of rudeness in Russian society.

Surprisingly, the quality of seafood is also quite high there. I do not recall ever seeing a piece of salmon with oily dark orange look instead of bright orange and fresh white lines. Furthermore, the diversity of different dishes is also something to be proud of. Though a lot of these dishes do not actually exist in real Japanese cuisine it is very safe and tasty to try. Trust me I do have what to compare with. I have lived in Israel for the past two and a half years and I have really hard time finding a good sushi place. Only one place in the south of the country was able get close to those sushi restaurants that I visited in Russia. It is very disappointing since I am also a big fan of sushi.

But not everything is so cloudless about Russian sushi. I am not advertising anything, thus I am going to speak about downsides of these places. The industry of sushi is getting more and more overloaded and it becomes more and more challenging to find a good restaurant. In my choice of sushi place I am guided by two simple rules. First, the restaurant must look good. If it more reminds you a cellar with the smell of fish – don’t go there! The outside representation of a restaurant also matters. If it is a good quality restaurant there will be enough money to invest not only into interior design but also into exterior. Second, sushi restaurant should have a website. If a restaurant is interested in being on the top of the competition the administration of this place will do its best to promote it. However, it might not be in English. So make sure you have someone to help you with the translation.

I hope this blog was helpful and you will be able to find a good restaurant for you special date with a Russian woman. Here are a couple of sushi restaurants that I liked; Planet Sushi, Yakitoria, and Sushi Boom. As far as I know Planet Sushi and Yakitoria are nationwide chains so you will most likely find one in your city. As for Sushi Boom, seems like there are similar restaurants in the US, but I am not sure it is the same chain. What I am sure of is that you can find Sushi Boom in Samara region.

Best of luck on your date. Russian girls certainly will be pleased.

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