Russia Crimea Ukraine America EuropeEver since the Crimea crisis a lot of my listeners and readers asked me to comment on how this whole situation affects mixed couples especially those of Russian girls with American partners/boyfriends/husbands.

The Crimea situation is certainly a difficult one, and as any International crisis it can put two loving people of a different origin against each other. I have witnessed broken friendships because of this conflict. It is unfortunate that due to an outpour of political propaganda people stopped looking at each other as individuals but rather see one another as states.

I will be honest with you. It is not the best time to travel to Russia as Russian government is purposefully playing xenophobic and imperialistic sentiments of Russian people to justify country’s economic downfall. The president’s Putin economic impotency is going to be blamed on the sanctions put by USA and EU. Only by manipulating Russian deep-rooted xenophobia Putin can secure his presidency for years to come. In other words, the poverty and the economic stagnation is the fault of so-called “pendosy” (derogatory for Americans), and not the direct result of president’s poor policies.

And the Crimea? The Crimea is a distraction. He does not give a damn thing about it. All he wants is to awake Russian pseudo-patriotism to make sure his serfs support him further. And they will, because never in our lives we knew independent and critical thinking, absence of censorship, individualism, and life without a czar.

It is going to be tough for everyone except the powerful ones. And it saddens me greatly.

But still, what about mixed/inter couples?

Let me give you a few tips how not to let politics and government rivalries destroy your mixed/inter relationships.

1. Where you both stand politically is important.
Do not believe when they say “politics plays no role in our relationships”. This is bullshit. In this very politically involved world it is extremely hard to find two people that don’t care about politics whatsoever. So in order to avoid finding out on the wedding’s day that your Russian girlfriend is far-right homophobic monarchist, make sure both of your political views are relatively close to each other.

2. You are the state.
Even if your political views slightly differ, remember – your family/relationship is the ultimate state. What you have between you both is more important than policies of any government and any party.

3. Political debates in family/relationships are healthy.
Intelligent debates are welcome in any couple. In the end of the day, you want to stay interesting to each other. However, don’t over do it. If the political debate becomes too heated refer to the section 2.

4. Hypocrisy is no good.
If your Russian girlfriend is overly critical of your (US, EU) government, while worshiping Putin, maybe she should not live in your LA condo or your nice apartment in the centre of London. Maybe she should go back home. Such Russian women do exist and they are the worst. And don’t think I am agains of people being critical. Criticism and demands for a better life is what makes governments change and improve. But you cannot criticize something more advanced over something clearly backward without looking like a complete hypocrite.

Maybe you did not like what I have to say, but deep inside you know I am right…

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