Why dating Russian women if there are millions of others around the world? But if you think seriously and ask around a great amount of men from different parts of the world will tell you that Russian women are the most beautiful ones? You judge! But it is worth checking it out.

The main thing about Russian women that makes them so popular among men is that they see man as the head of the family. He is a decision maker, almost some sort of a king. The king of their family. And according to Russian women, if this king is considerate and caring he will most likely “reign” for the rest of his life. That is why Russian women are particularly good for long-term relationships and for starting a family.

Russian women are incredibly caring and compassionate. Worth mentioning that most of them can cook, maintain the cleanliness of the house, and dedicate a lot of time to child upbringing. Especially they take a great care of their husbands. There is a saying in Russia “from the way a man looks you can judge about his woman.” It is wide spread for Russian women to wash and iron their man’s clothes. Moreover, many of them would chose the wardrobe for their men and even perform manicure and pedicure. This is one of the reasons why Russian men are so spoiled and thus are quite useless when it comes to maturity.